Monday, July 1, 2013

DIY: Leather Zara Skort Imitation

So while I did go to the markets this morning I unfortunately found nothing so instead I thought I would put together a little DIY that I think I promised a while back, my leather version of the Zara skirt.
Stuff you might need: The skirt you want to cut up, fabric scissors, ruler (optional), a skirt that you like the length of, also a marker or chalk or something to draw on the long skirt with.
Step One: Lay out the leather skirt with the back facing up and lay your shorter skirt on top. Cutting only the back of the longer skirt, follow the hem of the shorter skirt.
Step Two: You now have a skirt somewhat resembling a mullet. While wearing the skirt, figure out approximately where you would like the points of the triangles to be. You can get all technical and measure it with a ruler or you can be lazy like me and guesstimate drawing a dot where you think is right.
Step Three: Flip the skirt over so the front is facing up and cut a straight line up the centre of the skirt to match the length of the back. Having the two panels makes it easier to find the middle section where you want the point of the triangle to be.
Step Four: Cut up the centre of one of the panels to where the dot you drew on previously kind of was. Then cut on a diagonal from the point to the sides of the panel.
Step Five: Fold the skirt in half to ensure that the triangles will be the same and cut along the outline.
Step Six: Marvel at your skills.
Step Seven: I then tried on my skirt and found that it was just a bit too long for my liking so I decided to make it one inch shorter and basically repeated steps 1-5.
Step Eight: Once again, marvel at your skills and dream of all the outfits you are going to wear.


P.S. It is 1am here and this all seems funny to me now, and probably won't be in about 8 hours.

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