Thursday, July 11, 2013

Holiday Instagrams

 Just a quick post tonight, I have work early tomorrow morning but I thought I would share with you the few pictures I took while on holiday with my boyfriend. We had the most amazing time together, it was so great just to get away from everything and just relax with each other.
The above pic was the view from our hotel room, it was so beautiful to be amongst the trees even though we were close to the heart of town.
 The prices of things in our mini bar, I had never stayed in a place that had a mini bar so felt that this was a momentous occasion that had to be snapped.
 My lunch on day one, classic fish and chips which were delicious.
 Lunch on day two was incredible, roast lamb and yummy saucy stuff.
 My hot chocolate at the chocolate factory, I always have one whenever I visit, it is the best I have ever had!
 Me and the boyfriend chilling on our last night, I think Mike was trying to pout or he just really does not like his photo taken.
 Mike refused to help me fold up the quilt so I folded him in it...
A picture of one of my purchases from down there, I will try to put together a post showcasing my two purchases for either tomorrow or next week!


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