Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sportsgirl Face Mask Review

 So last Friday night I tried out Sportsgirls' new $4.95 face mask which is a part of the expansion of their beauty range and I decided to doument my experience and review its' effects!
 First I obviously took off all my make up and washed my face and tied all my hair up.
 This is my oh so fabulous before face.
I applied everything in the packet evenly across my face. There was so much in the one packet I wasn't sure whether I should save some to use on another day. It is also very hard to be serious with all of the stuff on my face...
Leave the face mask on for 15 minutes and then wipe off with a tissue and wash off the rest with a hand towel. I found that the face mask left my skin feeling very soft and smooth, and this lasted for a couple of days. For the price that it is, I definately reccomend giving it a go, and it is also the perfect excuse for taking some time to hide away and relax wth a magazine.


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  1. your skin is FLAWLESS anyway! i love facemasks.. they make me feel so fresh afterwards! :)

  2. nice and inspirational blog I have ever seen..check mine too

  3. Gorgeous! Love this little beauty DIY post. You look gorgeous without makeup on!

    x Sharday

    Shardette Blog


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