Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sportsgirl Summer Roadshow: Part One - The Details

 Last night I was very lucky to be working backstage at a runway event that Sportsgirl put on for us girls who work in the stores to showcase all of the upcoming trends and pieces that will be coming in over our Summer season! 
From looking at all the pieces backstage I was picking up on a major bohemian vibe (knew it!), a little bit of grunge, some matching tops and bottoms, oversized shapes, flowing lines and some incredible jewellery! I have already mentally bookmarked all the pieces I shall be buying and trying to calculate how much of an effect this will have on my savings account. 
I took so many photos last night so I have picked my favourites and broken up them up for two posts, todays' focusing on all the little details and tomorrow being all about the girls and the outfits!
 Lots of feather headresses!
 The print of a gorgeous maxi skirt I was eyeing off.

 So many great shoes coming in, I'm going to have to expand my shoe storage...

 Just a little sneak peak of an adorable shorts and top combo.

 This was probably my favourite piece of jewellery, very ManiaMania inspired, but perfect for a girl like me who doesn't have hundreds to drop on jewellery everyday!

Goodbye money!


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  1. Loving all the colors and prints, and the amount of white I've seen here makes me so happy! Those white pointy shoes are so unique!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  2. the different braid styles are amazing! great shots xx



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