Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sportsgirl Summer Roadshow: Part Two - The Girls...

 Here is Part Two of my Sportsgirl Summer Roadshow feature! Being busy with the dressing I was only able to take a few pictures of the models in their first and last outfits.
The models were all girls who actually work at the stores which I thought was such a great initiative by Sportsgirl as it shows how the clothes will actually fit on real girls!

 Here are all the models pictured with the pink and fabulous Leigh Hawkes, Sportsgirls' trend forecaster who put all the looks together for the night. Her work that night made me see the importance of styling, as when I looked at some of the pieces individually, I thought I could never see myself in something like that, yet when the whole look was put together all I could do was restrain myself from grabbing all the clothes off the racks and running out of the hotel!

Here are two of my friends, Chelsea and Bre, who I work with at Sportsgirl looking fabulous as always!


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  1. So many cool outfits and hairstyles!
    Thanks for these nice inspiration! :)


  2. There's so many gorgeous items! I love the holographic and black leather baseball caps.

  3. those braided hairstyles are absolutely stunning! looks like a fab shoot

    much love from nyc


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