Monday, July 22, 2013

Sunday Market Haul: Part 22

I feel right now as if I am having a style crisis, similar to an identity crisis but more focused around on how I want to dress. Part of the time I want to dress somewhat surfer-bohemian chic, sometimes very polished and feminine in beautiful vintage combinations and the rest of the time I want to be sleek and modern playing around with colour blocking and asymetric hemlines. So I wonder if there a possible way to combine all these? Probably not, or I will end up looking mismatched, unsure of what era I am in and downright ridiculous.
So I find mainly that either my mood or whose blog that I've read lately inspires me the most when choosing what to buy, and prior to yesterdays' markets my instagram feed had been filled with pictures of modern styling.
The above pants were $8 as are real leather. Unfortunately they are not fitting very well at the moment being too tight around my thighs and too loose around my waist! I think I need to lose about a kilo in each leg for them to slide up a bit more...great...
 This skirt was $3 and one of my few dabbles into the world of pattern. I am so fussy when it comes to choosing a pattern I like and I find it difficult to pair with other items in my closet. Is there a class I can take called Wearing Pattern 101?
 Although I have a strong distaste for the peplum trend, I have a picture on my computer of Elin Kling simply wearing a black peplum top, black skinny jeans and a pair of RayBans and looking incredible and I want to try and emulate her cool simplicity. This peplum was from H&M and cost me $3
Anything hammered and silver I adore so I pounced on this cuff for $3.


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