Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Taking Care

Since being on holiday from uni I've been trying to take care of myself a bit better by creating some routine in my life. Meaning I'm putting aside time to read the books I want, trying to avoid late nights by going to bed at a reasonable hour, doing some form of exercise each day and coming up with a skin care routine in the mornings. I thought I would then share with you my current favourite products to use:
Bio-Oil: I've recently started using Bio-Oil once again after obtaining a few new scars from surgery I had last year, so I am trying to reduce the appearance of these as well a some stretch marks by using a few drops each day. 
Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream: I have stolen this from my mum temporarily/permanently to use on my dry nails. I haven't taken care of my nails in the past and so they and the skin around them are quite damaged and I am trying to rectify this by putting some moisture back in them!
Love and Glamour Perfume: Not really a skin care product but I thought I would include it anyway since it is a part of my morning routine, but this perfume by Jennifer Lopez is my current favourite scent. While I am not usually a fan of the celebrity created/endorsed perfumes, this one was on sale and surprisingly smelt lovely and not too over the top.
The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter: This is without a doubt the best smelling body butter I have ever used, it smells just like my favourite flavour of Roc Candy and has me smelling sweet all day. I use it mainly on my legs to stop them from drying out.


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  1. That strawberry body butter is amazing!!


  2. I've never used any of these products, but I'm guessing the clarins hand cream would do me no harm! My nails and cuticles could use some extra care ;)

    La Vie en Mode

  3. The body butter is amazing...
    Nice post


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