Saturday, July 20, 2013

This New Feeling

 This week has been both busy and relaxed, I spent some time doing some painting which was just amazing and relaxing, I went to a concert, had a shopping afternoon and went to dinner with my boy and some friends. And right now I am beyond exhausted, so for this post I just wanted to showcase the new items that have graced my closet in the past few weeks and how I imagine wearing them!
The new item in the above picture is the brown real leather shorts. They are by a brand named Lonely Hearts who I have only heard of sparingly so I did a bit of research and found that a lot of their pricier pieces are in the hundreds of dollars, so when I picked these shorts up for $89 at a second hand boutique I was very pleased!
 In this outfit the new pieces are my Zara inspired skirt from Bardot which was $69.95 and the jumper which was from a surf shop in Margaret River and was $89.
 While I do already own a pair of leather shorts I've found that I've lost a bit of weight so they've become a bit loose on me so I decided to buy a new pair that are a bit tighter and are in a new style. These gym leather shorts were from Live and were on sale for $20.
Finally my favourite new purchase is this furry jacket from a boutique in Margaret River called Marigold. It has become one of my favourite shops, with everything they stock being something that I would potentially wear. I will definately be paying them a visit the next time I am there!


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