Monday, July 29, 2013

This Week I Am...

Inspired By...Braids and Adornment. I am currently loving a messy braided look that shows off the jewels on your ears, making them the statement piece of your outfit. Now to find the patience to braid my hair...
Wanting...A roughed up pinafore. Now, I haven't been a huge fan of the pinafore trend, it reminding me a bit too much of a school girl look, however after seeing this streetstyle pic I think my thoughts have been converted. Raw hem, dressy under top, awesome hair style, black shades = instant cool.
Wearing...My new shift dress from Sportsgirl. I am a sucker for a good shift dress, they are just so easy to wear and I can eat as much as I want when out and no one can tell! I think with just a few cool long necklaces, a strappy shoe, and perhaps a denim jacket thrown on top for the evening, it is an easy look to pull off!
Listening to...Remixes. Nothing this week has really caught my eye (ears?) music wise so I've just been catching up on the latest uploads on YouTube channel MajesticCasual who post really relaxing, trance like songs (I don't really know the genre). This channel is definately worth checking out!


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  1. Niiice! We love those braids!



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