Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Market Haul: Part 24

 This morning was a really lovely morning, the sun was out and I was just feeling good, I love days like that! It was great to see lots of sellers unlike last week, and I was able to find lots of great bargains.
The above shoes cost $10 which is more than I usually spend on one item at the markets, however they were brand new and such a gorgeous style, and at the right moments I believe in paying for quality.
 I picked up this very cute, deep purple pencil skirt for $3 which I imagine wearing with my black Windsor Smith shoes, a crop top and my leather biker jacket.
 I love a good, comfy t-shirt dress so when I saw this Kookai one for $2 how could I resist?
This dress was probably my most unique find this morning, a maxi knit/crochet dress. I really love finding pieces like this, knowing that I haven't seen anything else like it anywhere!


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  1. you really know how to shop.. $10 for that shoe is a really good fetch :)


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