Monday, August 19, 2013

This Week I Am...

Inspired By...ways to wear fur. I picked up an amazing leopard print fur jacket yesterday at the Polka Dot Vintage Markets and have been looking at how others wear theirs for some outfit inspiration!
Wanting...Everything in Luv Aj's new jewellery collection. I love sharks and so I adore shark inspired jewellery, and am currently trying to tell myself that I don't need a shark tooth ring, not to much avail.
Wearing...this very cool chunky gold necklace from Lovisa. Sportsgirl had something like this last year but that was back when I was more of a stinge with my money so I didn't buy it regretably, yet was overjoyed when I saw this similar version!
Listening to...When I Get You Alone by Robin Thicke. An oldie but a goodie, I only found out today that the person who sang the song that I loved when I was just 8 was the one and only Robin Thicke! Oh how he has changed, I for one am glad he got rid of those locks!


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  1. Amazing inspiration.

    Fashion is a pure art

    Would you like follow each other? I'll be soo glad :) let me know


  2. gorgeous looks! your blog is really great!

  3. Love that leopard coat!! I want one for the fall.

  4. I love the leopard coat!!!! Would you like to follow eachother?


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