Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Market Haul: Part 29

 I woke up very happy this morning to see an almost clear sky and a nearly full markets! Today turned out to be all about the skirt for me, particularly the pencil skirt. Although it is not usually a flattering length on me, I wanted to give this trend a go and I actually ended up finding skirts that fit me perfectly and were a great colour.
The above skirt is an old one (but looks hardly worn) from Forever New which is probably my favourite from today. I picked it up for $2.50
 This skirt belonged to one of my friends from work who was down there selling today, and she was lovely and gave it to me for $2.
 A very cool orange vintage skirt that I bought for $2.50
 This cardigan looks better on, but is a good staple for $3.
Biggest steal of today, I found these hardly worn flatforms for just $5!

I also bought 25 old Vogue magazines for $5, all of my future research for fashion assignments is completed! So today was definately a good day.


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  1. That is amazing Jaeger!! So cheap and amazing,
    I want to come with next time :)
    Cant believe that all costed only 20$!!
    Forever New Skirt, shoes and 25 mags = bargain!!
    From Belinda

  2. Great finds! Those flatforms are amazing, and paired w some fun socks would be perfect for fall

    The Marcy Stop


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