Monday, September 30, 2013

This Week I Am...

Inspired By...ways to wear tartan. A trend that I think has filtered down from the punk themed MET Ball earlier this year, has become less punk and more feminine and demure. On my wish list right now is a red tartan pencil skirt.
Wanting...a long fur colourful scarf. I always liked the fur scarves that Prada came out with what feels like 2 years ago and am finally wanting to jump on the bandwagon. coin necklace from Sportsgirl. They had this same necklace last year and for so long I had regretted not buying it, especially seeing some of my favourite Aussie bloggers styling it, so I am so happy that Sportsgirl decided to restock it!
Listening to...Hold on, we're going home by Drake. Such a beautiful song but horrible music video.


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  1. Crazy! LOVE the plaid skirt... I actually posted about plaid yesterday... I love it!


  2. It's funny, because when I was younger, I used to wear a lot of tartan, but now I cannot say if I like it or not.
    Btw, your necklace is beautiful! I really love it!

    Nikki :)

  3. I stole a red tartan skirt from my mom but it doesn't fit great, so sometimes I just use my red tartan shirt as a skirt :P

  4. Love Mira's styling, you have wonderful necklace, true fashion is so cyclical, around ten years ago I used to wear pleated tartan skirt and long tartan skirt which I still have, but they don't fit me anymore:(

    Have a great week ahead, kisses from NZ

  5. That is such a nice statement necklace :)

    Sadly I don't think I have any tartan left in my wardrobe - I did have a lovely tartan pencil skirt but I donated it, it was wool and rarely cool enough to wear it!

    Away From The Blue

  6. I like the tartan pattern too.
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  7. I love tartan!!


  8. The cut on that tartan skirt is just stunning

  9. Hi there, the tartan skirt is really cool, wow we like it!!
    love you're blog, shall we follow?facebook/bloglovin
    greetings from Holland


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