Monday, September 9, 2013

This Week I Am...

Inspired By...The mid-thigh denim short. I've been seeing lots of streetstyle pictures where women are wearing a longer style short (which is a nice change from the micro mini shorts) typically with a basic tshirt and jacket. However I think because of my height the length may look awkward on me, perhaps an old pair of jeans need a make over and can be my test run!
Wanting...Any shoes that are not black. I was tidying up my little shoe cubby last night and I just could not believe how many black pairs of shoes I own. Yes they go with anything and don't obviously show when they are dirty, however I think it is time for me to diversify!
Wearing...Lots of bold, bohemian silver rings. I feel like stacking my fingers with a combination of bold and delicate rings (similar to Pheobe in Friends) and will be wearing these ones from Sportsgirl the most this week!
Listening to...Almost is Never Enough by Adriana Grande and Nathan Sykes. After hearing this song at my gym I have not stopped listening to it, so beautiful!

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  1. I'm into the long jean short thing too but I can't help but look short in them :(

    x elizabeth of thompson & prince

  2. I absolutely love mid-thigh boyfriend shorts. Can't wait to take my new ones out for a spin :D x

  3. Absolutely loving the long shorts! More comfortable, covers a little more area and no sticky thigh on plastic seats ;)

  4. love those heels, they're a gorgeous colour too
    Love this post :)


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