Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Market Haul: Part 32

 What a great morning at the markets, I woke up to a clear blue sky and a full carpark of market stalls, when I saw the "Market Full" sign I almost re-enacted the opening scene from The Sound of Music. I always love the first proper market of Spring/Summer when everyone realises it is actually good weather to sell at the markets and do a big spring clean of their wardrobes!
I bought the above pair of shorts for $5, a bit more than I usually spend on any one item at the markets but I just fell in love with the colours and print!
 A few more jewellery pieces for my collection, each were just $1.
 A basic stripe tank for $3.
 I've been drawn to anything lately with a quirky print and I was so happy when I found this skirt for $2.
 A little bit beaten, but for $3 I couldn't help myself - they have buckles!
 Adding more colour to my wardrobe with this dress for $3.
 Another little swing dress for $3.
 A simple shift dress I picked up for $2.
Another favourite purchase from today, a dark olive coat from Cue that I found for $9. It will be perfect for my trip at the end of the year having lots of room for layering!


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  1. Jaeger i'm coming back to the markets with you! that swing dress with the bright print is amazing!!

  2. Nice shorts!!!!! I love it!


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