Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Market Haul: Part 37

 I have the worst bloody hayfever this morning, and the only thing making me feel better is the fact that I bought some pretty cool stuff this morning at the markets. Today was a bit of a pain though with so many people charging ridiculous amounts for their stuff, I had to walk away from a bunch of things due to my self imposed spending limits. 
The above Cheap Monday jumper I bought for $8 which is a lot more than what I would pay for a jumper at the markets but I really loved the shades of grey and the different textures.
 This black knitted cape was just $2, the cheapest thing I could find today. I can totally imagine myself being all cool and gothic wearing an all black outfit with this, a black felt hat with tonnes of silver jewellery and looking amazing.
I have become a total sucker for babydoll/shift dresses lately, they have been all that I live in - they are so easy to wear in the hot weather and also mean that I can eat as much as I want! I bought this one for $5.

Also go me for managing to post this on Sunday for the first time in like 3 weeks, hooray for having no uni!


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  1. Wow great finds - I think $8 for the Cheap Monday jumper is pretty excellent, I could even imagine finding something for such a low price!


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