Thursday, December 12, 2013

Berlin Snaps

My family and I have spent the last five days in Berlin walking around the city and visiting all the famous sites of World War Two and the Cold War and drinking lots of hot chocolate! It has been remarkable to stand in the same places that so many famous historical figures have stood before. Berlin however certainly hasn't been as beautiful as Piaris, most likely because of the wars that have ravaged the city, but I have still really enjoyed the experience. Berlin apparently has a pretty amazing night life but since I'm not a big party-er nor have been with my friends here I've missed out on that, so that's maybe what might bring me back one day. 
Some of the places my family and I have visited include the Reichstag building, the Topography of Terror, Checkpoint Charlie, the Berlin cathedral, the KaDeWe, the Berlin Wall gallery, the Brandenburg gates, and many memorials. Out of these I would have to say that my favourite has been the Berlin Wall gallery, however it was very disappointing to see the senseless graffiti that has ruined these great works of art.


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