Sunday, December 8, 2013

Last few days in Paris

We left this morning for Berlin where my family and I will be staying for the next couple of days. It was sad to say goodbye to such a beautiful country like Paris but I am excited to be moving forward in our trip and I am already making plans to come back to Paris one day. In our lasat few days my family and I went to the top of the Eiffel Tower, Versailles Palace, Notre Dame, the Pantheon, and the Catacombes.
I can't pick a favourite out of all of those, but I would have to say that I really enjoyed visiting Versailles and looking at the extravagance that the past kings and queens lived in. When I get back home I would  love to learn about French history, all the people, events and buildings seemed so fascinating.
If I come back to Paris one day I think I'll come back for 3 weeks, bringing a lot more luxurious clothes, my big DSLR camera to take streetstyle photos, my sketchbook to sit at the Louvre for hours with and lots of money to shop.


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