Monday, December 16, 2013

Munich Snaps

What a beautiful time we had in Munich, full of great food and beautiful buildings and scenery. We also made a day trip by train into Salzburg where the movie The Sound of Music was filmed which I am such a huge fan of. In Munich we went into the tourist part of the city at Marienplatz where we visited lovely churches and had lunch at a famous beer garden. That evening we also visited a huge Christmas market which I mentioned in my last post. 
In Salzburg we took a sightseeing bus all around the city and saw all the major sights where The Sound of Music was filmed. We also took a cable car up to the top of one of the Alps mountains where we played around in the snow.
On our last day we visited the concentration camp at Dachau which was a very somber experience as we got to see the horrid conditions that these people lived in.
As I write this I am sitting at a train station waiting to board our train to Venice which I am so excited about! Two weeks in Italy is going to be amazing!

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