Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Saint Ouen Markets

So it has taken me a while to get up my first post while away, my family and I have been non stop going everywhere across Paris and we all get home at night completely exhausted to do anything. I've finally felt awake enough to be bothered to blog. On Sunday we caught a taxi to the massive flea market Saint Ouen. I wasn't allowed to take many photos of the place so these ones are all I have.
The market was so massive, it just kept going and going, with something new around every corner and down every alleyway. The outer rims of the market started off as just a bunch of stalls selling either leather jackets, sports shoes, hats or motif jumpers. But as you move your way in you discover lots of eclectic stalls that sell jewllery, vintage clothing, antique furniture, art and sculptures and so much more. I was really hunting for something to buy of course, but I found most of the vintage clothing to be way too overpriced for what it was, and the only piece of jewellery I wanted was missing a piece. But I still had a lovely day with my family walking around and just looking at everything and absorbing in the atmosphere.

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