Thursday, December 12, 2013

Shopping in Berlin

Today I had a day to myself where I went shopping of course! I wore my new Zara coat with my Ziggy denim jeans and snow boots. I travelled along the Kurfursten-dame street which is this massive 3.3km shopping street. I had a great time browsing through all the stores, Berlin had a lot more variety in more reasonably priced stores than Paris however I did find that a lot of these cheaper stores stocked the same sort of styles that did not have the best quality. 
Some of the stores I went to included Mango, Forever 21, H&M, Pim Kie, COS, & Other Stories, Pull and Bear, Zara, C&A and a couple of others. I absolutely loved Pull and Bear, they had great variety in their pieces, it wasn't just all different versions of the same style which is what most stores seem to do these days. I also really enjoyed & Other Stories, they had such beautiful pieces and great accessories however I felt that some of the clothes were almost trying too hard to be fashion forward - lots of stiff neoprene and thick felt dresses - although the pieces looked great in the lookbook photos, I felt that for the average person they would not be flattering for everyday. 

From Mango I bought this basic black top, it has a really great texture and a really flattering shape to it.
From & Other Stories I bought this beautiful watercolour tank. There was also this lovely wrap dress that I tried on that I now regret not buying, but I'm sure I'll come across another store somewhere else in either Europe or America.

Sorry for the horrible flash but being in difficult lighting it's hard to show you the detail on the great pieces I bought from Pull and Bear. I got this great mini skirt with beading all over the front, and a bomber style jacket with this sleek embroidery design on the back.
I still have 4 and a bit more weeks left in Europe and I'm already running out of money - haha. I have a feeling that I'm going to have to borrow a bit from the parents to last me...


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