Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Shopping in Florence

Shopping in Florence was a lot more fun than Venice as there was a massive shopping district, however I still found that there wasn't a great variety of stores, with only a couple of reasonably priced stores, a bunch of expensive designer stores, a couple of boutiques, and a strange amount of lingerie stores which I wasn't in the market for.
Today was my shopping day and I bought a jumper from this store called Top Girl which had some funky other pieces like shaggy jumpers and fur jackets that I would have loved to have bought but I already had similar pieces at home. I really like the quirky eye print as I've been looking for more bold pieces. I've been trying to buy some coloured pieces of clothing but it is slim pickings over here with the dominant colours in store being black, grey and dark reds, blues and greens.
I also bought a pair of sunglasses from Zara. I bought away with me a simple pair of black wayfarer style sunnies, but I've been wanting a pair a bit more colourful and patterned. It was also really great for them to also give me the pleather sunglasses case which feels so sturdy and will be able to handle my bag being thrown around for another two months of travel. 

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  1. The glasses are so fashionable, love them, so adorable!!!
    ps: Do you want to follow each other? I always follow back.


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