Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Three days in Venice

Sorry for not posting in a while, I had nonexistent internet in Venice and my days here in Florence have been full on! I'm usually out all day and then am too tired to do anything in the evenings.
Venice was so beautiful that none of my pictures do it justice, it felt like I was in a movie, everything was so picturesque. My family and I spent our three days there walking each day and just taking in all the sights. The island of Venice is quite small so it easy to see a lot in one day, it is also easy to get lost in all the little alleyways but somehow you'll always manage to find your way home. My one tip would be to stay where the people are, they generally know where they are and where they are going!
I was disappointed however by the shopping, all the stores were either too touristy, selling masks, leather goods or murano glass, or they were too expensive, which isn't a problem if you have a bottomless pit that is your wallet, yet for me who is on a limited budget that has needed to stretch across six weeks it is a bit difficult. 

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