Friday, January 24, 2014

Stuck in Buffalo...

Our flight from Buffalo to Washington got cancelled the other day because of the snow storm in Washington so unfortunately my family and I got stuck in this cheap little hotel across the road from the airport with not much to do. We spent our night hanging out at the mall (so American!) where I was able to do a bit of shopping, a potentially cramped evening in a small hotel room instantly became a lot more fun. 
I found this awesome pair of Nike sneakers at a discount shoe store after looking for them in this style for months, I also bought this great cropped tshirt from Garage to fuel my skull obsession, and I got a floral playsuit from Urban Outfitters which I cannot wait to wear when I get home!

Two Days in Niagara Falls

Oh man it has been so cold, the coldest weather I have ever been in! My family and I left New York and headed up to Niagara Falls for two days to see this magnificent sight. It was unbelievable to be in the presence of such a powerful force of nature, it was even great to be there in the winter time to see the ice blocks fall over the waterfall and to watch the ice crack, move and change on the lake surface. However I think my favourite thing was being in the snow and actually getting to see the individual snowflakes in all their delicate beauty, something I thought only a microscope could see. 
We stayed in a magnificent hotel with a brilliant view of the falls and the colourful night show that happened at night, it also had the best food for their breakfast buffet and at their restaurant! 
I never got tired of the view and I can see myself going back one day, perhaps in the spring or summer time so I can do the maid of the mist boat ride as well as experience the journey behind the falls!

New York Shopping Spree!

Shopping in New York was so much fun and spread over many days as I found shops across the city, but I then had my main day of shopping on our final day in SoHo. It was a fun girly day spent with my mum as we shopped and had lunch together, we even saw Jessica Alba! There were lots of great sales going on in New York so nearly everything I bought was on discount. I hit most of the main department stores like Macys and Bloomigdales and I stood outside of Barney's too terrified to go in because of my lack of funds. There were so many shopping areas that I came across on my travels through New York that when I go back one day I think I will need to dedicate many days if not weeks to cover them all! 
Shoes are so cheap over here that I was able to pick up my snakeskin Vans for just $35, I also bought a black and white mesh top from Bloomingdales, a grey draped top from a boutique in SoHo I forgot the name of, a leopard print skirt from a second hand store in SoHo, a floral skirt from Anthropologie, and cropped black jeans from Urban Outfitters. I also bought some watches from Macys that I've forgotten to photograph but will share with you soon!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

New York, New York!

For nine days my family and I have been walking the endless streets that make up New York, going to all the big sights and living the lifestyle! This truly is the city that never sleeps with something always happening and people everywhere. We have done all the touristy things like Times Square, the Staton Island Ferry, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Empire State Building, Rockerfeller Centre, Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Central Station/Terminal, the Natural History Museum and the 9/11 memorial. We also ate cupcakes from Magnolias Bakery, went to M&M world, visited Carries stoop from Sex and the City and the "exterior" of Monica's apartment from Friends. It has been great spending so much time here, allowing us to not only sightsee but to relax for what feels like the first time on this trip, we have been constantly on the go and forgetting that this trip is also a holiday. 
I have my shopping day tomorrow out in SoHo and I am so excited, after walking through there the other day there seems to be a lot of great mainstream and boutique stores!

London Baby!

I had totally forgotten to upload these pictures from London last week, my bad! But I have been spending my days relaxing and walking around New York City with my family. We had a lovely time in London, and I especially loved all the royal palaces and gardens that we visited, they were so beautiful with lovely historic architecture and royal details. My family and I visited Tower Hill, London Tower Bridge, Buckingham and Kensignton Palaces, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, the Natural History Museum, Hyde Park and so many other places! We covered so much in the few days that we were there, that if I do go back one day I will be able to relax and shop more without needing to be on the go the whole time.