Thursday, January 2, 2014

6 days in Rome

My family and I spent six days over the christmas period in Rome and what a fantastic time we had! Everyday was filled with lots of walking around the heart of the city looking at all the beautiful historic buildings and ancient Roman ruins. We did all the touristy things like visitng the colosseum, the pantheon, the Vatican and the Sistine chapel. We also paid a trip to the Roman Forum and Palentine Hill which were the sites of massive ruins, you could only imagine how spectacular these places would have looked if they remained in tact.
Pasta and pizza were in constant stream for nearly every meal out, however the best food we had in Italy was in fact at an Irish pub on via del Governo Vecchio. They had the best burgers and best bread we had had all week and would have definitely been paid a second visit had we not only found the place on the last day! This situation was made worse as we found the best gelato place in all of Italy in our opinion, right across the road!
Rome was stunning and I think we really only scratched the surface of what could be found there so I am definitely hoping to find my way back one day!

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