Friday, January 3, 2014

Just the beginning...

I was lucky to be able to do a quick bit of shopping this afternoon while walking around Barcelona with my family. This place seems to have a whole new vibe to it that is so different to all the other places that we have been to. It seems so relaxed and youthful and this has definitely been reflected in the clothes and the people I have seen so far. I can only imagine what this place would be like during the summer!
Barcelona seems to be the place for shopping and I hope I am able to fit in a whole day of it, the shopping streets are huge and I feel like there are lots of little boutiques that are waiting to be discovered. I think this place is definitely on my come back to list! 
I bought a pair of yellow snakeskin print leggings on sale from Sisley and I bought a pair of shorts from this random sample sale that we found walking the streets, they are such a great mixture of colours and pattern! I also found THE street for vintage shopping on the walk home this evening (I took a photo of the street name), there were about five vintage stores on the one small street, with all being reasonably priced. I was being rushed by my family so I didn't get the chance for a good dig through the racks, but I guess that just gives me more reasons to come back to Barcelona one day! From one vintage store that was having a liquidation sale I bought a dress for 15 euros (mum bargained the price down for me - go her!) It is so rare for me to find a vintage dress that not only fits but has a pattern and colour scheme that would suit a modern time. I absolutely fell in love with this floral dress and when I get home I plan on shortening the hem by a foot to make it a lot more flattering! Right now I envision wearing this dress with a few silver rings and a pair of cream coloured scrappy sandals...

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