Friday, January 10, 2014

London Shopping

I swear today was just a big blur, I don't know how time went so quickly, I was shopping along Oxford street today and I only made it halfway down the shopping district before I had to meet up with my parents to go home! The shops are just so huge here and there was so much that I wanted to try on that I just lost track of time inside all the stores. 
Topshop was the killer today, three levels of women's stuff was just insane, I swear I spent two hours inside that store looking at everything. However you just got the feeling of chaos inside, the experience felt similar to that of the Miss Shop in Myers, some parts organised and the rest just a crowded mess. From a Topshop I bought a midi striped tube skirt and a pair of yellow/green satin shorts.
However my favourite store today was River Island, I tried on probably 20 different things there and came away with a gorgeous pair of green shorts with a wrap detail on the front, a pink floral top, long draped black cardigan and a SnapBack cap.
I was annoyed that I didn't make it to the rest of Oxford street or get the chance to visit Regency street, (I am such a slow shopper), but it's no big deal, I have all of America to go starting tomorrow! I am so excited for New York, but I know I am going to freeze my butt off!

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