Sunday, January 5, 2014

More Shopping in Barcelona

Yesterday I separated from my family for a few hours, which is necessary to avoid going crazy when you are living in each other's pockets for 13 weeks, and I hit the main shopping streets of Barcelona - Passeig de Gracia, Pl. Catalunya and La Rambla. Barcelona has so far been the place for shopping for me here in Europe. The streets are endless and full of amazing shops, both mainstream and boutique, and I think I really only scratched the surface of what shops you could find here.
I have well and truly spent all my Europe money, meaning I'm going to have to write an IOU for my parents for anything I buy in London...whoops! But for me this trip has been about not stressing about the price of things and just buying what I love and want.
Nearly all the stores I went into were having some sort of sale which was amazing and meant what little money I had left stretched pretty far. From Mango I bought the most perfect denim shirt and white dress, from H&M I bought a blue/green skirt with a wrap detail on the front hem, from & Other Stories I bought a bra and leather handbag that I had been lusting over since Berlin, and finally from Topshop I bought a pair of bright leopard print pants and a colourful snakeskin print dress. 
I have been buying so much colour recently that I have dubbed my shopping trips the Colour Injection Tour of 2014, my half black and white wardrobe at home has been needing a lift!

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