Friday, January 24, 2014

New York Shopping Spree!

Shopping in New York was so much fun and spread over many days as I found shops across the city, but I then had my main day of shopping on our final day in SoHo. It was a fun girly day spent with my mum as we shopped and had lunch together, we even saw Jessica Alba! There were lots of great sales going on in New York so nearly everything I bought was on discount. I hit most of the main department stores like Macys and Bloomigdales and I stood outside of Barney's too terrified to go in because of my lack of funds. There were so many shopping areas that I came across on my travels through New York that when I go back one day I think I will need to dedicate many days if not weeks to cover them all! 
Shoes are so cheap over here that I was able to pick up my snakeskin Vans for just $35, I also bought a black and white mesh top from Bloomingdales, a grey draped top from a boutique in SoHo I forgot the name of, a leopard print skirt from a second hand store in SoHo, a floral skirt from Anthropologie, and cropped black jeans from Urban Outfitters. I also bought some watches from Macys that I've forgotten to photograph but will share with you soon!

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