Friday, January 24, 2014

Two Days in Niagara Falls

Oh man it has been so cold, the coldest weather I have ever been in! My family and I left New York and headed up to Niagara Falls for two days to see this magnificent sight. It was unbelievable to be in the presence of such a powerful force of nature, it was even great to be there in the winter time to see the ice blocks fall over the waterfall and to watch the ice crack, move and change on the lake surface. However I think my favourite thing was being in the snow and actually getting to see the individual snowflakes in all their delicate beauty, something I thought only a microscope could see. 
We stayed in a magnificent hotel with a brilliant view of the falls and the colourful night show that happened at night, it also had the best food for their breakfast buffet and at their restaurant! 
I never got tired of the view and I can see myself going back one day, perhaps in the spring or summer time so I can do the maid of the mist boat ride as well as experience the journey behind the falls!

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