Thursday, February 6, 2014

Little things from Sedona

My family and I began our road trip across America well over a week ago now and have been seeing some beautiful sights along the way that you don't get the opportunity to when flying thousands of feet up in the air. On our way to the Grand Canyon we stopped over for a night in Sedona which was one of the most beautiful little towns that I have ever been in. The red dirt and rocky mountains looked were so unbelievably picturesque that they looked like one of those background paintings from an old western film.
I surprisingly found some nice things shopping at a few of the random stores we stopped at on our travels. A little bit out of town I bought yet another pair of Nikes from Famous Footwear, I bought a deer antler (that was naturally shed) from a roadside store, I bought a leather pouch from a leather goods store, and I bought two beautiful geode necklaces. Anything rock and geode related is so cheap here that I can't help but stock up on all the things I want for jewellery or as display pieces in my room for when I get back home!

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