Thursday, February 6, 2014

Memphis and Elvis

My family and I are huge Elvis fans, so on our trek across America of course we had to stop by Memphis for an Elvis themed two days. We took a VIP tour of Graceland and of the other Elvis dedicated museums in the area, as well as a tour of Sun Studios where the magic that was Elvis all began. I had such a fun time looking at his home, sneakily touching his furniture when no one was watching and swooning that he used to sit in that chair! I also fell in love with what became his trademark white jumpsuits, the designs on them were so intricate and well designed. I did go a little overboard with the merchandise, buying a bunch of pictures and a tshirt, the only thing stopping me from buying a life size cardboard cut out of him was the fact that getting it home would not be easy.
He was such a dream! 

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