Monday, February 17, 2014

Sequoia and Yosemite National Park

It has been really incredible on this trip to be constantly going between city and nature, there is such a dramatic contrast and it always feels like a sigh of relief when you get back to nature away from the hectic, nonstop quality of city life. As much as I love shopping and being with all that fun technology I will always love being outdoors, it's probably because of how my parents brought me up, taking my brother and I out on weekends for bush walks and beach adventures.
It was like déjà vu then when my family and I spent a few days in both Sequioa and Yosemite national parks, as I got to experience those family outings once again. We visited General Sherman, the biggest tree in the world at Sequioa, and went skiing and exploring around Yosemite. The snow on the mountain tops was beautiful and certainly a new and scary experience to be driving in it! I also had the best time skiing and was so surprised I was able to pick it up again so quickly since it had been years since my high school ski trip where I first learnt. 
It would be amazing to come back one day in the summer time to see how different the landscape is, and to go on a hike without being drenched by the torrential rain that plagued our visit! 

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