Thursday, March 6, 2014

A few more things

 Here are the last few things that I bought while I was in America, mainly in LA. The above earrings I actually got in Sedona but forgot to feature in that blogpost.
 I got this Tshirt from a random store on a street in LA. I had seen this girl earlier on at a market wearing a cool old band tee, a pair of black denim cut offs and a felt floppy hat and thought that she looked so casual cool and inspired me to find a similar shirt that I could wear in the same way.

 I have such a love for the Star War movies that I couldn't help but say yes to both these shirts, I bought the white one from Disneyland and the blue one from an op shop in LA. I love a cool graphic tee to wear with either shorts or jeans to uni because they are just so comfy.
 I bought these shorts from an American Vintage store in LA. They seem a little bit American patriotic however I thought that would be kind of a cool way to remember my trip.
Finally this dress I bought in a second hand store in LA, it is actually a Tigerlily dress which I'm sure was crazy expensive at full retail, so I was ecstatic to pick it up for just $10. It's a little oversized but I think it would look awesome with some black ankle boots and some chunky silver bracelets.

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