Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sunday Market Haul: Part 38

 Now that I am finally back to regularly scheduled programming I can show you what I bought this past weekend at my grand return to the local Rotary Markets! I love the markets in the summer time, the weather is always nice if you go down extra early, there is always a full market and I am practically guaranteed to find something that I like every time.
I bought the above mustard blazer for $5 and when I tried it on at home I was so pleased with the shape of the jacket, it was perfect! However the sleeves are a little long but I usually roll them up anyway.
 I bought this grid blouse for $3, it is very on trend right now so I am glad to finally have a piece in this style in my wardrobe, and I think it would look cool with a really bright neon necklace.
 This old Sportsgirl crochet top was just $3 and super cute to throw over a pair of bathers.
 I think people would laugh at me for choosing these tights, however for some reason I was just drawn to their colour and pattern, so I am now determined to make them work! At the time I was envisioning ankle boots, an oversized tee and a denim jacket, I think add some crazy jewellery and I'll have an outfit!
Finally I bought these shorts for $3, they were such a perfect colour that I had been looking for some time now to pair with white tshirts and nude sandals.

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