Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Market Haul: Part 40

 I didn't realise how busy my last year at uni was going to be until I read over all of my assignments and saw that they all were basically due in the same week, so I've spent everyday this week trying to chip away at them all. I am now highly valuing the time that I do get to myself, like the sunday tradition of walking around the markets. 
Today was a really great day with lots of girls selling beautiful things for good prices. The above top is an old Shakuhachi that I bought for $3, I was so happy when I heard the price as I was expecting her to say $20 or something.
 This is just a basic tank that I bought for $2.50, I really liked the lime/yellow colour and think it will be a nice simple top to wear to the place I am interning at at the moment.
 I think I have turned into a dress lover, my uniform has usually been a tshirt and shorts however throwing on a dress is just so easy and often allows me to eat as much as I like haha! I really like the grunge feel I get from this dress, which I bought for $2, I just imagine wearing it with a tough pair of black boots, lots of silver necklaces and a felt floppy hat.
 Another dress that I bought today for $3, I loved the green colours and think it is perfect to wear while the weather is cooling down with a leather jacket to contrast against the feminine feel of the dress.
 After having no luck the last 2 weeks with finding jewellery at the markets I found these two beauties today, both $1 each.
 I bought these polka dot shorts for $2, they are one size bigger than I usually wear however they fit just fine and the slight looseness makes them super comfy.
Finally I bought this pair of pants for $2, I have always contemplated getting a blue pair of pants/jeans however have always found the blue colouring to be too intense, making them have an air of immaturity about them. However this pair I found today has a lovely subtle blue shade that isn't so in your face.


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