Monday, February 17, 2014

A significant dent in my wallet...

All I can say was that I had an AWESOME time shopping in San Francisco, with the Vintage shops along Haight and Valencia streets being especially fantastic with great affordable prices and racks of absolute gems to go through. Nordstrom was also having a great sale on shoes and happened to have one last pair left of the platform converse sneakers I had been looking for, success! I also bought a print from this art store Zero Friends which was really cool, most of the work by the artists in there wasn't quite up my alley but this watercolour skull piece was just perfect and I cannot wait to frame it when I get home! 

Civilisation in San Francisco

San Francisco. What a whirlwind three days spent vintage shopping, visiting Alcatraz prison, driving across the Golden Gate Bridge, eating lots of Mexican food, riding the cable car and walking through streets filled with beautiful architecture. This city has definitely been moved close to the top of my favourites list as I had a spectacular time shopping and not having to layer up so ridiculously! However the number of homeless/crazy people was a little bit scary in some places, but that's what you get in nearly every city! 
Here are a few photos I took while I was here, and one of my dad, brother and I, thanks Kane for holding my shopping! 

Sequoia and Yosemite National Park

It has been really incredible on this trip to be constantly going between city and nature, there is such a dramatic contrast and it always feels like a sigh of relief when you get back to nature away from the hectic, nonstop quality of city life. As much as I love shopping and being with all that fun technology I will always love being outdoors, it's probably because of how my parents brought me up, taking my brother and I out on weekends for bush walks and beach adventures.
It was like déjà vu then when my family and I spent a few days in both Sequioa and Yosemite national parks, as I got to experience those family outings once again. We visited General Sherman, the biggest tree in the world at Sequioa, and went skiing and exploring around Yosemite. The snow on the mountain tops was beautiful and certainly a new and scary experience to be driving in it! I also had the best time skiing and was so surprised I was able to pick it up again so quickly since it had been years since my high school ski trip where I first learnt. 
It would be amazing to come back one day in the summer time to see how different the landscape is, and to go on a hike without being drenched by the torrential rain that plagued our visit! 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Viva Las Vegas

Bright lights and massive hotels was basically all that Las Vegas was about and we had such an awesome time walking the strip and just soaking it all in. On our travels to Vegas we of course stopped by the Hoover Dam which was pretty impressive before going to stay at the Flamingo hotel right on the strip!
However I think the most fun that we had was checking out all the antique and vintage stores there where I found a couple of amazing pieces like this gold sequin top, purple jacket and a very cute retro red dress! 
I would definitely come back to Las Vegas one day with friends, it would be great fun to get all dressed up and go to the casinos and out to some of the clubs! 

In the Wild...

So I wasn't actually out in the wild, rather at this wildlife drive through/park called Bearizona which my family and I came across on our travels across Arizona. As we sat securely inside our car, we drove around this park through pens holding different and beautiful animals like wolves, black bears, bison and big horned sheep. It was so cool to watch them up so close as they trotted nonchalantly past our car, but also a bit nerve racking as my elbow kept accidentally hitting the window switch making it come down.
This place is definitely on my must see list for anyone travelling through the area!

The Grandest Canyon

Spending three days at the Grand Canyon was just the most amazing experience, photos cannot even begin to show its beauty and how expansive it is. My family and I had a lovely time just looking at the view and hiking along some of the trails. If the weather permitted it and I came a little more prepared it would have been brilliant to hike all the way to the bottom of the canyon and to even spend a night or two camping down there, however I will have to save that adventure for now!
It snowed on us so heavily while there and it fell in tiny, little, sticky ball shapes which was so bizarre but perfect for making miniature snowmen!